New global campaign to showcase WA as the “road trip state”

Picture Courtesy: Tourism WA

A new global tourism campaign was launched today, promoting and showcasing Western Australia as the road trip state.

The $2.2 million dollar intensive campaign over the next 8 months will be rolled out across Australia and in nine international key markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Group Managing Director of Discover Australia Holidays, Nathan Harding, said the objective is to make WA one of the world’s greatest road trip destinations, giving people even more reason to visit.

4:23” “We’ve got a third of Australia, we’ve got some really vast distances, but the adventure of a road trip turns a potential of a negative of our distances into a real positive, so this is a really important and really exciting campaign that will make WA australias home of the road trip,” said Mr Harding.

The campaign includes the development of a wide range of road trips, and working with commercial partners across all markets, including Qantas and Flight Centre.

“Driving regional tourism is a really important part of the two year action plan that we released earlier this year,”

“What we really need to do is drive the benefits of tourism right around the states – the job creation, the economic benefits, and also the vibrancy that tourism gives to our regional communities,” he explained.

Tourism Minister, Paul Papalia, commented on the attractiveness of WA as a road trip hive, with the nature of the outback being a drawcard.

13:59” you’re coming here for a more rustic experience in some cases it’s not glitzy, it’s not Las Vegas… it’s a special part of the world, and when you get out of perth and you get into those regional areas, you encounter something that you’re not going meet any other places in the world,” Mr Papalia stated.

The investment this campaign will bring back into regional communities will be hugely beneficial, with Mr Papalia saying if we get more people coming to WA from outside the state, we’re succeeding.

The main demographic targets are retirees, families and working holiday makers, particularly in New Zealand, Germany and the UK.

Mr Papalia said this is the place to come for work now that we’re starting to grow and increase demand in the resources, hospitality and horticultural sectors.

“People who come as backpackers to work in our hospitality and horticultural sectors and stay for a long period of time, boost our visitor numbers, boost our overnight stay numbers and spend the money that they earn while they’re here,”

“Our markets in the UK, Germany and New Zealand took a hit post the boom, they were some of our most significant working holiday markets,” he said.

Numbers of working holiday makers dropped by 17% over 4 years, but this campaign will promote WA as a viable working state again to those important markets.

Each road trip route highlights experiences unique to that particular region, including attractions and local history as well as gourmet cuisine and adventure options.

Visitors will also be informed of the best time of year to view nature and wildlife, such as whale watching, sea turtle nesting and wildflowers in bloom.

13:28’ “The beautiful thing about Western Australia is its so big that at any time of the year, you can find some great road trips where the weather is perfect,” Mr Papalia said.


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