Local Government Merge: The Trust Issue

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Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi, Vincent Mayor John Carey and Cockburn City Mayor Logan Howlett expressed their opinions over council amalgamation plans.

On Monday, the state government backflipped on it’s decision to split the City of Vincent and give it to Perth, a decision that relieved Vincent ratepayers, but upset the Perth City Council.

During a video interview with WAMN News, the Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi disagreed with the Premier Colin Barnett, believing Vincent isn’t part of Perth.

“No we don’t believe it,” Ms Scaffidi said.

“In fact, we obviously believe that the line at the North of Vincent Street and even our preferred line north of Bulwer Street, that you know quite a bit of difference on demographics and the style of housing.”

“Therefore the kind of planning approvals and all aspects of local government day to day business playing out quite differently in the northern area.”

“Vincent extend all the way to Green Street in the north and we are of the view when you look at the map, it’s quite a northern appendage actually plays out.”

“Why won’t we actually have them look at having some of Cambridge and Subiaco, which is way more inner city then the northern parts of Vincent.”


Vincent Mayor hits hits back at Perth

However, Vincent Mayor John Carey disagreed with the Lord Mayor’s stance and said Vincent shared a lot of common with Perth.

Mr Carey believes Ms Scaffidi is scared of more residents due to electoral impacts and said cities are about dynamic communities.

“Look, I think unfortunately, Lisa and her team are scared about having people in the city,” Mr Carey said.

“Cities are about dynamic communities, not just the CBD in business. It is about residents making a contribution. And I think they are fearful with 30,000 residents coming into their system, they are worried about their electoral impacts.”

Mr Carey also argued that Vincent connected to the city, as both Perth and Vincent shared the same town centres.


Cockburn Mayor: Who can you trust?

The proposed City of Perth boundary map released from the state government has also unintentionally created speculation, after the index map indicated that Fremantle, Melville and Kwinana might calve up the City of Cockburn.

The mayor of Cockburn Logan Howlett said he was shocked when he saw the map.

Despite Local Government Minister Tony Simpson making it clear that nothing had been finalized, the mayor finds it harder to believe.

“It’s becoming more difficult to believe anything about local government reform,” Mr Howlett said.

“We had the Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi saying the same thing. Who can you trust? When will the real story be revealed? And is the community and local government going to engage and be involved in these decisions?”

Mr Howlett argued that most of Cockburn council’s community facilities will go to Fremantle and Melville if the plan goes ahead, leaving a possibility of a rate rise and a dramatic decrease of service quality.

The mayor said the community is standing up and will try to lobby the government on this matter.


Premier respects different opinion.

WA Premier Colin Barnett responded saying that Ms Scaffidi is entitled to her opinion, but reinstating that he believes that Vincent is identical to Perth.

Mr Barnett said the government has listen to opinions and community and received submissions from local councils.

“We put out the original set of proposals back in June or July, we’ve listened to lots of communities and looked at boundaries,” Mr Barnett said.

We had submissions from the local government, we have now re-done that and make some changes. In some cases quite significant changes.”

“… I took some time to go out to the City of Vincent, to walk around shopping areas, to business owners, talk to residents. I know it was quite subjective but just walking around is quite evident to me that Vincent should be part of the City of Perth.”

The Premier also said Local Government Minister Tony Simpson will release maps for other areas in due time.



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