“Hidden Map” Shadow Cockburn’s Future

The future for the City of Cockburn has been overshadowed by the index map for the City of Perth’s new boundary map plan released yesterday.

The index revealed more details into the possible boundaries of local governments for metropolitan Perth in the future.

The index also indicated that the City of Cockburn might be calved up by Fremantle, Melville and Kwinana.

Cockburn City mayor Logan Howlett expressed his disappointment towards the possible plan and said state government has contradicted the re-form purpose.

“The principle of dissecting a healthy local government to support smaller unsustainable councils goes against the entire local government re-form purpose,” he said.

“Councils were encouraged to lodge proposals with the Local Government Advisory Board that were consistent with the Government’s model, which is what we have done.”

The City of Cockburn has put forward it’s proposal to the Local Government Advisory Board last week, the proposed “City Of Cockburn Sound” will see the merging of Cockburn and Kwinana.

During an interview with Rod Tiley on 6PR radio this afternoon, Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said the government is still working through the suggestions and it’s not “done and dusted”.

“As I said, this is on a draft process, we only have put one proposal into the advisory board,  that was yesterday with the City of Perth, we are still working through the rest of them,” Mr Simpson said.

“I think its quite clear that, the local government managers, CEOs, mayors and presidents are very keen to get this resolved sooner than later because they get quite anxious about it.”

“We are trying to work fast with them on the Advisory Board and try to get these mapped out. We will work closer and still have to meet with Kwinana and Cockburn to have a chat about final drafting as it gets to the final draft map available.”

The state government aims to complete the local government amalgamations by July 2015.

(Feature Picture thanks to: 22 Suburbs – Talking about Cockburn)

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