AFP Raided Channel 7’s Office

The Australian Federal Police has raided Channel 7’s office in a wake of rumors that the station has secured a 3 million dollar paid interview with Schapelle Corby.

The AFP has executed the search warrants, with 30 police officers and 8 patrol cars participated in the raid according to the Seven network.

In a media statement, the Federal Police said “AFP members behaved appropriately and in accordance with their responsibilities and legal obligations.”

Federal Police have reinstated the literary provision is there to prevent people gaining financial benefits from criminal activities.

However, the provision doesn’t intervene with the freedom of press, neither it prevents a person from talking about his/her story to the media.

The Seven Network’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Worner has confirmed the raid, and said the network has fully co-operated with the AFP.

“We want to emphasize that at all times we have fully co-operated with the AFP in this matter,” Mr Worner said in the statement.

“A raid on our offices at Pyrmont and at Pacific Magazines and our lawyers’ offices involving around 30 police and eight squad cars to find information we have already provided seems like overkill to say the least.”

“But what is most disturbing is to also seek to use search warrants to access all of our news and corporate records. This is without justification and quite possibly unprecedented for a media organization.”

The television network emphasized that an agreement haven’t been reached with Schapelle Corby.

Meanwhile, the AFP will not make further comments on the matter as the investigation is still ongoing.

Please click on the player above to watch the video version of the story.

EVENING NEWS – AFP Raided Channel 7’s Office (Story begins from 06:05)

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