9 Dead Identities Confirmed in Egypt

The identities of all nine Hong Kong dead were confirmed by the weekend.

10 relatives of the victims and 16 Hong Kong Government members sent to Egypt to confirm the dead and paid their last respects to their loved ones.

Chinese Ambassador Song Aiguo expressed his deepest mourn and concern for the nine dead. He urged Egypt authorities to handle the reparations with all speed and thanked them for their assistance.

Spokesperson of the hot air balloon company Sky Cruise revealed there will be maximum $1,200,000 US dollars compensation for all the victims, including 10 other British, French, Belgian, Hungarian and Japanese victims.

The nine Hong Kong victims’ bodies are still being kept in four hospitals in Cairo. Egypt Officials said they will help to arrange transportation for the victims’ bodies back home in the next few days.

Meanwhile, relatives and most of the 16 members left Cairo last night and returned to Hong Kong this afternoon. While two immigration officers are still in Cairo for further arrangements.

(File Photo: Hot Air Balloon)

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