PS4: Sony’s Flagship or Sinking Ship?

So the new PlayStation 4 event has dazzled New York and many people who watched it online through Sony’s rather laggy stream, nether the less I was entertained for the 2hrs.

Let me start off with the fact I like Sony, I like Microsoft and I like Nintendo, Sony has always been the company that has those sharp edges and Microsoft as the rounded friend, while Nintendo the cousin who just does his own thing.

Sony’s PS4 made its debut today in New York and it was quite a show, we learned the new controller has a touch pad, while also two new buttons and is missing the start and select.

At last they removed the ‘arcade-ic’ buttons, but how will I ever open my map in GTA now?

While there was a lot of whistle graphical blowing, there were some announcements that got me interested.

Such as the 3D animation you can do with the PS Move, thought it looked really weird it got my interest, take into account that this was an indie developer and not a major like Ubisoft and or Activision.

What really got me tho is seeing Blizzard take stage at the event and announce Diablo 3 for PS4. This is what I think Blizzard was thinking, ‘Ahh PC gamers didn’t like our game? I bet the console gamers will they like everything they are given.’

Well I don’t know about didn’t like or hated but Diablo 3 was born on the PC.

This explains all the issues with the PC version all this time they have been working on porting it to PS4 rather than fixing the PC version.

Moving on from PC to PS4 – an exclusive game that I would love to play was Watch Dogs, though it was shown last year at E3 this time we got to see some guy play it right in front of us, needless to say it looked absolutely amazing.

Announcement of the ability to play a game while still downloading it from Sony Online World dazzled a lot of people, however you have to remember you will probably wait awhile to download the guts of the game where the content can later be downloaded.
An interesting feature is the new share button where you can from what I gather share things you have done in game with the social features of the play station network.
PSN will turn in to the social network it should have been however rumours are floating that there will be a subscription.
The hardware specs of the PS4 are not jaw dropping if you have been gaming on your PC for the past 18 years but for a console they don’t seem to bad, 8-core AMD CPU and 8 gigabytes of RAM will give it the kick it needs.

But what I am interested in is all the functionality of its accessories and you know what, I would really like to see the console itself, because so far I’ve seen a controller and some pretty videos, under whelmed I was at the end expecting the ultimate device to show its face, maybe its shy, or not yet ready or it’s still a PC.

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