Facebook: Has The Bubble Burst?

It’s well known that social media giant Facebook is one of the most recognised social media platforms in the world- But is it the beginning of the end?

A recently released study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, concludes that around 1 in 4 American Facebook users are planning to cut back on their usage in 2013.

Of the participants questioned, 61% admitted that they have had a break from Facebook for a period of “several weeks or more”. The biggest percentile of 21% say that they are just too busy, and don’t have enough time to spend on the site.

Other reasons provided include “excessive gossip or “drama” from their friends”, “an absence of compelling content”, and general concern that too much time is being spent on the website.

Surprisingly only a small percent of users claim to have issues with privacy settings, with others going as far as to say that Facebook has caused problems in their relationships.

Other reasons given from users who have taken a break include:

“I was tired of stupid comments.” … “(I had) crazy friends. I did not want to be contacted.” … “I took a break when it got boring.” … “It was not getting me anywhere.” … “You get burned out on it after a while.” … “I gave it up for Lent.” … “People were (posting) what they had for dinner.” … “I didn’t like being monitored.” … “I got harassed by someone from my past who looked me up.”

Amongst the participants questioned, 20% of online adults who do not currently use Facebook, formerly maintained a profile on the site, and only 8% of online non-Facebook users are interested in becoming users in the future.

With the increase of privacy concerns and targeted ads, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg needs to keep users interested and active on the site if he wants to remain King of the social media network.

Nobody wants to see Facebook join the ranks of Bebo and MySpace, both once hot property in the social media world.

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  1. Peter Reply

    Good article. However, people say that they’re going to quit smoking as their New Year’s resolution… most continue smoking. Facebook addiction should be your follow up story! 🙂

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