Fight Night: Anthony Mundine vs Danny Green 2

Danny Green and Anthony Mundine are fighting at Adelaide oval in what’s being called the event of the year.

These two arch enemies are using Friday nights fight to settle their ten year feud.

Mundine was victorious in their previous fight, but tonight’s important for Green as it’s his final fight before retirement.

This second grudge match is worth an estimated $30 million for the pair. These fighters can also expect to receive money from gate tickets and pay-per-view buys.

Words were exchanged between the two fighters yesterday as they both weighed in. Green weighed in at 82.9kgs, while Mundine weighed 79.64kgs.

The bar was packed on Friday night as people from all over wanted to watch the WA boy fight his last fight.

Danny Green was a clear favourite for most, as they filled the pub’s courtyard in the lead up to the match.

As the volume increased, fans were talking about the two fighters as if they knew them personally.

Mundine’s always been a controversial fighter, and tonight was no different as fans continued to talk about his comments earlier this week.

Mundine said he wont be standing for the National anthem.

Being an indigenous Australian, he feels the words are a part of the White Australian’s way of life, and aren’t relevant to him.

As the national anthem began, people were in suspense to see if Mundine would refuse to stand, unfortunately both fighters were in their locker rooms, so we couldn’t see this.

International superstar, Jessica Mauboy sang the National Anthem, as only, what appeared to be the older, Danny Green fans stood in what looked like protest against Mundine’s statement.

The commentator at the fight amplified his voice through the screens, as he announced the main event with, “let’s get this party stared”.

The bar shuffled around, noises lowering to more of a murmur than your ordinary Friday night at the pub. All attention was now focused towards the screens, awaiting the athletes’ entries.

Mundine walked out first, as the music played and the bar shuffled around again, as they all tried to find the best position to see the screens.

It began in a more upbeat way, as Cyprus Hill music played as the cameras showed us Mundine’s crew. Traditional aboriginal dancers entered Adelaide oval first, the music picked up as he entered the ring.

The atmosphere in the bar didn’t change much as Green entered the ring. The land down under played as he walked into the ring.

The crowd in the pub amped-up when legendary fight announcer Michael Buffer said his famous words, “let’s get ready to rumble”.

The fight began with applause for Green as it was announced he’s from Western Australia.

With a scheduled ten round fight, it looked like it could be over in the very first minutes.

Green came out swinging, and only a minute and a half in Mundine hit him in the face while they were being broken up by the ref, with what announcers called a cheap shot.

It looked like Green was out already he had to regroup on the ropes. Not long after, they were back in the centre of the ring hitting hard.

At the start of round two, the fans were more upbeat, cheering as Green threw some hard punches.

The fight commentators were displeased with Mundine’s swing at the end of round four, as he’s punch was thrown after the bell.

It appears this match is more of a brawl between the two fighters, than a professional fight.

At the start of the fight,not he animosity between the two was clear as they barely touched gloves.

As the fight progressed, both fighters gave their all, it was clear they both wanted to win badly.

Mundine to keep his record, Green to finish on a high.

At the start of the tenth and final round, they held their gloves high as a sign of respect for each other.

Round ten finished with both fighters still standing, it was up to the judges to deliberate the winner on points.

As they waited in the centre of the ring with their entourages, the pub filled awaited the result.

This verdict is to leave a legacy, the announcer said as we all await the final results and Buffer called out the scores, “The winner by majority decision, the green machine, Danny Green”.

The crowd at Adelaide oval and in the pub here in Perth, erupted with applause as Danny Green was hoisted up onto the shoulders of his crew, leaving a legacy in his final fight ever.

In Green’s victory speech he shouted, “This has nothing to do with black or white, this is sport”.

He  thanked Mundine and called him one of the greatest athletes in the sport as his competitor walked out of the ring.

He thanked his supporters and family before the fight wrapped up.

The pub returned to normal after the fight, but for all the Green supporters here in WA, this was sure to be a great way to start their weekend.

Photo Courtesy: Danny Green’s Facebook Page.

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