Youth allowance benefits not enough for recipients to afford basic needs

By: Anton La Macchia

Young Australians on Youth Allowance benefits are falling far short when affording basic necessities on a week-to-week basis.

Many Australian students who are on Youth Allowance benefits are ‘struggling’ financially to make ends meet.

Youth Futures WA chief executive Mark Waite said the young people struggle to survive and it is simply not enough.

”There’s a huge difference between the cost of living and what young people receive, 16-21 year olds only receive $46.50 per week,”

“There’s always an assumption in today’s society that welfare recipients are just ‘lazy’ and they can simply go get a job,” he said.

Politicians say that the recipients on the Youth Allowance have more than enough, but Mr Waite says politicians are way out of touch, and there are other expenses that people have to allow for, such as buying new clothes and going to the doctors.

”There needs to be an independent assessment and really explore what it does cost to live as an independent person; how much does it cost to rent a room or rent a flat and the costs associated with that,” he commented.

Recently, the Greens WA called for a $20 000 universal basic income provided to younger people.

Political expert says it would make a huge difference, if it is based on true evidence and research then it might be appropriate to apply that.

There are calls for the Federal Government to put their big salaries and incomes away and try living as a homeless or young independent.

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