US Federal Judge orders Trump administration to reinstate DACA

A US federal judge has ruled that the Trump administration must fully reinstate, including allowing new applications, the DACA program, which protects young immigrants that were brought to the US as children from being deported.

US District Judge John Bates has stayed the order until August 23rd to give the administration time to decide if it will appeal the decision.

Mr Bates originally issued a ruling in April that ordered the federal government to restart the DACA program in April, but stayed the ruling for 90 days to allow the government to explain why the program should be ended.

Mr Bates said the arguments of the Trump administration so far have not overridden his concerns about the decision, so he will not revise his previous ruling.

A spokesman for the US Department of Justice said that the government will continue to defend its position that the government “acted within its lawful authority in deciding to wind down DACA in an orderly manner.”


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