Turnbull talks tax, GST relief at WA state Liberal conference

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has addressed the West Australian state Liberal Conference today, speaking about the GST,

Mr Turnbull claimed to have delivered on a promise to reform the GST, saying he achieved a “long term reform”.

This is in reference to a plan that would see the federal government add money into the GST system to ensure the states achieve a more equal share, without any states receiving less money.

The plan would see more than $7 billion dollars put into the GST system while the government tweaks the formula to ensure that no state receives less than 75 cents per dollar they put in.

Mr Turnbull argued that the Liberal Government’s GST reforms would be best for WA, warning that Labor have yet to announce their position.

“The greatest threat to that fair deal would be a Labor Government,” Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull promised that under this system Western Australia will receive $4.7 billion dollars extra funding.

He also spoke against Labor’s plan to “steal $46 billion dollars of franking credits” through a new tax.

“(It) is target not at the rich Shorten rails against, but its target at self-funded retirees” he said.

“Shorten’s retiree tax is aimed squarely at older Australians who have saved for their retirements.”

Mr Turnbull took the opportunity to defend the Liberal Government’s record in government, pitching a message of tax relief, increased jobs and a stronger economy.

He also thanked Western Australians for their generosity donating to farmers suffering from droughts in the Eastern States.

“When nature throws the worst at us, it brings out the best in Australians,” he said.

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