Trump’s lawyer’s privacy claims over evidence attacked

A US prosecutor has attacked claims by Michael Cohen, US President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, that many of the materials seized by the FBI this week from his office and home should remain private.

Invoking attorney-client privilege, Mr Cohen argued that the materials seized as part of a criminal investigation contained sensitive material from his clients.

Assistant US Attorney Tom McKay claims Mr Cohen is trying to use “wildly overbroad” claims of attorney-client privilege.

“What they are trying to do is use attorney-client privilege as a sword to challenge the government’s ability to review evidence” McKay said.

Mr Cohen wants US District Judge Kimba Wood to allow him, with his legal team, or a “special master” to review the seized materials and determine which ones contain sensitive information that can’t be turned over.

The seized materials also caught the attention of Michael Avenatti, lawyer for the pornstar Stormy Daniels, who claims there may be information relating to his client in them.

Ms Daniels claims to have had a sexual encounter with Mr Trump in 2006, and wishes to be freed from a non-disclosure agreement she signed prior to the 2016 presidential election.

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