Trump prefers instinct to prepared noted with North Korea summit

US President Donald Trump will reportedly rely on his own instincts rather than briefing books and prepared note cards according to people formerly involved in the administration.

Despite a number of briefings both verbal and written to prepare him for his meeting with Kim Jong-Un, Mr Trump still prefers his own instinct.

The reports come as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo again called for North Korea to completely remove all parts of its nuclear weapons program before international sanctions can be lifted.

“I don’t want to get too far into the details, but when you think about complete denuclearization, it would certainly be all of their sites, not just those that have been declared, so we’ve got to make sure that it’s complete,” he told a South Korean TV network.

“That takes a great deal of work, a great big commitment on the part of North Korea as well, and there’ll be a parallel set of security assurances that are also big and bold and different.”

He also linked the denuclearisation issue to improved economic condition for North Korea.

“For North Korea to have the security assurances it needs, it needs to know that it has an economic — economically viable path forward,” he said in an interview with Japanese broadcaster NHK.

It has to know that its people can eat and that they can have the wealth that the North Korean people so richly deserve.”



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