Trump heads to Japan to meet with Abe, discuss North Korea

US President Donald Trump is set to visit Japan and meet with Japanese President Shinzo Abe as the first part of his five-nation visit to Asia.

The trip aims to present a united front with the US and its Asian allies in the region, including Japan and South Korea, against North Korea in the face of recent escalations of tensions.

Mr Trump said that trade will be a major topic of discussion, alongside North Korea.

“We’ll be talking about obviously North Korea,” he told reporters at the White House.

“We’ll be enlisting the help of a lot of people and countries and we’ll see what happens.”

“But I think we’re going to have a very successful trip. There is a lot of good will.”

With Mr Trump taking a harder line against North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong-Un, tensions have risen as the rogue nation continues to test its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.

Mr Trump is set to address US and Japanese forces at Yokota air base, and is expected to stress the importance of the Japanese alliance to regional stability.

Mr Trump will also meet with Mr Abe, who he has met with on several occasions before, as well as having a state call with the Imperial Family at Akasaka Palace.

Mr Trump will also be visiting South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines as part of his tour.

This Asia tour is the longest by a US president since George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Picture Courtesy: White House

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