Top diplomats want diplomatic North Korea solution

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has expressed his desire for a diplomatic solution to the North Korea Problem.

This comes just a day after Seoul’s top diplomat labelled a military solution as “unacceptable”.

Despite US President Donald Trump’s insistence that all options are on the table when it comes to North Korea, Mr Mattis still stresses non-military action as the way forward.

On Friday South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha also called for a diplomatic solution, adding she was certain Washington would alert South Korea first if a military option was considered.

Talks between North and South Korea have re-opened after two years of diplomatic silence between them, in anticipation of the upcoming Olympics in South Korea.

North Korea has declared it will be competing in the games, and called for “all Koreans at home and abroad: to promote co-operation between the two Koreas.



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