Senator Corker accuses Trump of ‘castrating’ Tillerson

Republican Senator Bob Corker has unleashed against President Donald Trump, accusing him of “castrating” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Mr Corker criticised Mr Trump for undermining the ability of Mr Tillerson to negotiate on behalf of the administration, and described the White House as an “adult day care centre”.

“You cannot publicly castrate your own secretary of state without giving yourself that binary choice,” Corker said in an interview with Washington Post.

“The tweets — yes, you raise tension in the region [and] it’s very irresponsible. But it’s the first part that I am most exercised about.”

Mr Corker said that Mr Trump’s comments, such as his tweet saying Mr Tillerson is “wasting his time” negotiating with North Korea, are jeopardising efforts to reach a peaceful solution with North Korea.

“When you jack the legs out from under your chief diplomat, you cause all that to fall apart,” Corker said.

“Us working with [Beijing] effectively is the key to not getting to a binary choice. When you publicly castrate your secretary of state, you take that off the table.”

The word war started on Twitter, where Mr Trump claimed that Mr Corker had begged him for endorsement for re-election, and falsely claimed Mr Corker was “largely responsible” for the deal with Iran.


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