Saudi Crown Prince purges rivals

A number of princes, ministers and top businessmen in Saudi Arabia are being arrested and charged with corruption, having their assets seized and their planes grounded.

It’s reported that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman orchestrated the move, which serves the dual purpose of eliminating his rivals and opposition, as well as removing some of the corruption that is rampant in Saudi Arabia.

Those being detained face accusations of taking bribes and inflating the cost of business projects, among other things.

The Crown Prince believes the country needs change, otherwise the economy and stability of the nation will be under threat.

However, there are beliefs that the corruption is not the main reason for the arrests.

“The signal was that anyone wavering in their support should watch out, the whole idea of the anti-corruption campaign was targeted toward the family. The rest is window dressing,” a person close to the events was quoted as saying.

King Salman, who backs Mohammed as his heir, said the purge was to stop “exploitation by some of the weak souls who have put their own interests above the public interest, in order to, illicitly, accrue money”

Some of those arrested were invited to meetings where they were detained, others were arrested in their own homes.

They are being held in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh, which is serving as a prison for those targeted.

An anti-corruption committee was created by King Salman, who put the Crown Prince in charge of it.

It has been estimated that at least $100 billion has been stolen through graft, according to the attorney general, and 208 people have been questioned in the investigation.

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