Russian hackers Fancy Bear targeted Journalists

Russian hacking group ‘Fancy Bear’, who were behind the leak of Hillary Clinton’s emails, have been targeting hundreds of journalists.

An Associated Press investigation found evidence that more than 200 journalists have been attacked by the group since mid-2014, with fear there may be more who have not yet been identified.

Journalists represent the third largest group that have been hacked by the group, behind diplomatic personnel and U.S. Democrats.

Around 50 were New York Times journalists, another 50 working in Russia, either as foreign correspondents or for independent outlets, as well as other prominent media figures.

US intelligence believe that this provides new evidence the hackers were working on behalf of the Russian government in an attempt to help Donald Trump.

Fancy Bear have previously targeted Russian opposition leaders, Ukrainian politicians, US intelligence figures and high-ranking US Democrats, suggesting an agenda that supports the Russian Government’s interests.

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