Potsdam Christmas market evacuated after nail bomb found

A Christmas market in Potsdam, near Berlin, has been evacuated after a bomb was delivered to a nearby pharmacy.

The suspicious device had wires and electronic protruding, and was confirmed by German police to be explosive.

“The suspicion of an improvised explosive device has been confirmed,” announced the German police twitter account.

It is believed that the explosive also contained nails, which would have caused more damage.

Once the market was secure and evacuated the police destroyed the device in a controlled explosion.

There was already a high alert for an attack, with police fearing a repeat of last year’s Christmas attack that killed 12 people.

The attack was carried out by a Tunisian Islamist who drove a truck into the crowded Christmas markets in Berlin.

Extra security staff and barriers are in use this Christmas season in an attempt to stop another attack.

Picture Courtesy: Germany Police

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