North and South Korea agree to end war, denuclearise peninsula

North and South Korea have pledged to create a “nuclear free” peninsula, with both sides celebrating the developments.

A joint statement from the two nations promise to pursue demilitarisation, end “hostile acts”, transform the DMZ into a “peace zone” and work on multilateral relations.

“There will be no more war on the Korean Peninsula and we will be proclaiming the new era of peace is open,” South Korean President Moon Jae-in said.

“We will establish peace on the Korean Peninsula and the international order will be changed by this agreement.

“We will stop military hostilities and there will be some measures to stop these hostilities.”

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un also celebrated the developments.

“When we met, it’s harder. We realised we cannot be separated, we are one nation, and that is how I felt,” he said.

“We are living next door to each other, there is no reason we should fight each other.”

Reunifications of families split by the war will be organised, as well as connecting transport lines between the two nations.

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