May reaches Brexit agreement before deadline

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has reached an agreement with Brussels regarding what will happen on ‘Brexit day’, March 29, 2019.

Details of the agreement were leaked hours after the announcement that the deal was done.

The deal will see Britain leave the EU, but remain part of the Customs Union and Single Market, as well as being subject to EU laws, though without any say in those laws.

While pleased with the progress, European Council President Donald Tusk warned that there is still a lot to negotiate.

“The most difficult challenge is still ahead,” said Tusk.

“We all know that breaking up is hard. But breaking up and building a new relationship is much harder.”

Britain and the EU now have to deal with trade talks, which will be subject to the agreement of all 27 member nations of the EU.

They also need to resolve the issue of the North Ireland border, where British and EU interests differ greatly.

May’s government, under pressure from the North Irish DUP that keeps her minority government in control, are seeking to avoid a hard border, while also wishing to leave EU institution that allow for free movement.

This has been causing tension with the EU, who insist the Britain can’t have it both ways, and will need to remain part of the Single Market to keep the open border.

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