Little-Known Giuseppe Conte New PM of Italy

Picture Courtesy: Giuseppe Conte’s Facebook Page.

Political novice Giuseppe Conte has been named Italy’s new prime minister, after getting the approval of President Sergio Mattarella.

The Five Star Movement and League populist parties will form government, following 11 weeks of political deadlock leading to Conte’s appointment.

53-year-old Conte, a law professor was nominated by Matteo Salvini of the far-right League and the Five Star Movement’s Luigi Di Maio despite having no political experience.

“Outside of this palace there’s a country that rightfully awaits a new government and answers,” Conte said emerging from talks with the president.

“What is about to be born is the government of change.”

He said he would become the “defender of all Italians on the international and European stage”.

Conte said he had supported centre-left political ideals when he joined the Five Star Movement during the election.

He was suggested as a possible Public Administration minister if the Five Star Movement won a clear majority.

Conte has faced scrutiny during his nomination after media reports accused him of embellishing his curriculum vitae.

According to his resume, he studied in the United Kingdom and United States where he perfected his English in order to teach international law.

He has denied the claims along with the party that he embellished his qualifications

“There’s no reference (in his CV) to masters or other university titles, but the simple and accurate description of his work as a scholar and university professor,” the movement said in a post on its official blog.

The country has been without a government since the March 4 elections because neither party could form a majority.

The coalition deal will promise tax cuts, a guaranteed basic income for the poor and deportations of 500,000 migrants.

Conte will form a list of ministers that will be approved by the president before a new government can be sworn in.

The cabinet will then face a vote of confidence in parliament.

Conte was born in Volturara Appula, a town of 467 residents near Foggia.

He currently teaches law in Florence and Rome.

He graduated at the top of his class from the University of Rome in 1988 and sits on a number of boards, while also serving on a government administrative justice council, as an expert in civil and commercial law.

On Monday night, Mr Salvini described him as “an expert of simplification, de-bureaucratisation and streamlining the administrative machine.”

“That’s what so many businesses want,” he said.

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