Hurricane Harvey hits land over Texas

Hurricane Harvey, predicted to be the worst storm in a decade to hit mainland US, has made landfall over Texas.

It made second landfall around 1am Texas time, hitting near the shore of Corpano Bay, after making its first landfall at 10pm local time between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor.

The category four storm has hit Texas with sustained winds of 215km/h, with nearly 6 million people in the path of the storm.

There are reports of damage from Rockport, one of the cities that have been hit by Harvey as it made landfall. 

Rockport City Manage Kevin Carruth has reported on some of the damage reports he has received, including the roof of a single story senior housing complex collapsing, and the Rockport courthouse has been damaged.

University of Miami senior hurricane researcher commented on the storm, saying “the Houston area and Corpus Christi are going to be a mess for a long time”.

“In terms of economic impact, Harvey will probably be on par with Hurricane Katrina” he said.



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