How much for your baby? Indonesian Police broke up a child trafficking operation

By Cassandra Elliott.

Indonesian police say they have broken up a child trafficking operation, arresting four people involved in the alleged selling and purchasing of babies through Instagram.

The Instagram account was using the guise of a social service for women undergoing family problems, offering pregnancy and adoption consultations. Police state there is evidence of monetary transactions through WhatsApp.

The Indonesian police have arrested four people involved with the Instagram account. The 29-year-old man who ran the account, a 22-year-old woman believed to have put her 11-month-old child up for sale and a mid-wife and potential buyer. Police say they foiled a transaction on the 3rd of October, where the woman was planning to sell her child for 15m Rupiah ($1,375 AUD).

The Instagram account which was created a year ago, had over 700 followers on Friday, and has since been taken down. Amanda Bissex, Chief of Child Protection at UNICEF told Jakarta CNN, ‘If the use of Instagram is proven in this case then it shows how traffickers constantly adapt to new methods for their trade’. She says legislation needs to change to reflect this.

If found guilty, the four suspects face up to 15 years in prison under Indonesia’s Child Protection Law.


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