Gunman kills 11 in Cairo attack on Coptic church

A gunman on a motorcycle has killed at least 11 people after opening fire on a Coptic Christian church.

The gunman first attacked Christian shop nearby, killing two people, then went on to attack the Mar Mina church in Helwan, a south-Cairo suburb.

At the church he opened fire through the door, killing at least nine, and attempted to throw an explosive inside.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry released a statement saying the attacker was “immediately dealt with” and arrested, with legal measures being taken.

Islamic State has claimed the attack through its Amaq news agency, but provided no evidence of involvement.

This is just the most recent in a string of attacks against Egyptian Coptic Christians, with two bombings on Palm Sunday in April, and an explosion at a Cairo Cathedral last year, claiming 28 people.

Police presence has been upgraded around churches leading up to Coptic Christmas on January 7th, as well as metal detectors at some of the larger churches.

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