Guatemalan volcano forces new round of evacuations as burials start

Guatemalans have started to bury their dead, with at least 109 killed and nearly 200 more missing after deadly volcanic blasts started last Sunday.

A new round of evacuation were forced in Guatemala as lava and toxic gases poured down from the volcano, and no more casualties have occurred as a result of the new flows.

Most of the almost 200 people that are missing are assumed to be dead by family members.

Columns of ash rose up to 6000 metres tall in two of the canyons where flows accumulated, according to Guatemala’s volcanic institute.

“The (flows) carry hot vapor, including fine particles similar to cement, two- to three-meter (6.5- to 10-foot) diameter rocks and tree trunks dragged out by the current,” the statement continued.

Search and rescue efforts had to be suspended on Thursday due to hazardous conditions, though they are expected to restart when the conditions improve.

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