China defends Iranian ties as Trump, Macron discuss Iran

China has defended economic ties with Iran, saying their business and energy ties do not affect the interests of any other countries.

This comes after US President Donald Trump announced that companies will doing business with Iran will be blocked from doing business with the US.

China has criticised the US for unilateral sanctions against Iran and “long-armed jurisdiction”.

“For a long time, China and Iran have had open, transparent and normal commercial cooperation in the fields of business, trade and energy, which is reasonable, fair and lawful,” it said.

“This does not violate United Nations Security Council resolutions or China’s promised international obligations, nor does it harm the interests of any other country, and should be respected and protected.”

China also criticised US diplomacy, saying that negotiations and dialogue would be more effective than sanctions and threats.

Despite the US pulling out and imposing sanctions, European nations are still trying to uphold their end of the nuclear deal.

European companies are left in an awkward position, with their governments urging them to continue business with Iran, but the companies fear losing access to the US market.

Picture Courtesy: White House

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