Chilean Seismic network have less stations than three years ago

Three years after the earthquake of 8.8 on the Richter scale and the tsunami  in Maule,Chile, in 2010, the network that is monitoring earthquakes administered by the University  of Chile, feed of  the information of  the National Emergency Office (Onemi), has 11 devices less than the 27 / F.

According to data provided by this university, when the event occurred there were 74 measuring stations, while today has 63 operating units.

For two years the devices were under the administration of the Onemi, without them being connected to the system. The executive added that in October 2012 an agreement was defined for this year  Onemi’s devices will be transferred to the U. of Chile, which has not happened yet. “It caused a delay in implementation”.

To upgrade the network, the University is waiting for U$ 3,800 million, which must be submitted by the Onemi. This transfer of  funds is subject to an agreement between two entities which is currently being revised by Contraloria.


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Brian started in reporting for DHK news in 2010 about the big earthquake of 8.8 magnitudes that hit Chile. For Brian, Reporting is not a job, is a passion. From that day, February 27, he contributes weekly to keep the other half of the world informed about developments and stories occurring in southern South America.

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