Chemical weapons inspectors finish mission in Syria

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) inspectors have finished investigating in the Syrian town of Douma, where they were collecting eyewitness accounts of an alleged attack that occurred last month.

Findings from the investigation could take at least three to four weeks, however, as the analysis process now takes place in OPCW laboratories in Rijswik, in the Netherlands.

The team arrived in Douma on April 21st, after the deaths of 40 people and injuries to hundreds more two weeks earlier.

The US claims a bombardment of chlorine as well as possible use of a nerve agent such as sarin was used in the attack.

US President Donald Trump and a number of western nations condemned the attack, blaming the Syrian government.

The US, France and Britain joined to launch missile strikes against several alleged chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

Syria, and its ally Russia, have both denied the accusations that Syria used chemical weapons.


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