Australia, Canada sending military planes to monitor North Korean ships

Australia and Canada are sending military patrol craft to monitor North Korean vessels believed to be breaking UN trade sanctions.

The aircraft will be based at the US military air base Kadena on the Japanese island of Okinawa, according to a statement by the Japanese government.

“We do have a P-8A surveillance aircraft that is going to be working in the region to monitor compliance with sanctions, and that is part of our collaboration with our partners in that exercise to enforce those U.N. sanctions,” Turnbull said during a news conference.

“What has been occurring is that sanctions have been evaded by transferring materials from ship to ship…to add to the surveillance of the area enables that to be identified and then, of course, those who are a party to that to be held responsible and brought to account.”

Australia is following the lead of the US in maintaining pressure on North Korea even as relations between the North and South open up.

US President Donald Trump has vowed to maintain pressure to ensure that they remain committed to the promise to denuclearise.

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