Western Australians Urged to Vote in Upcoming Elections

Western Australians are being encouraged to have their say on how their local community is run by voting in the upcoming local government elections on Saturday 21 October.

In 2015, only 25 per cent of eligible Australians voted in the local government elections.

Local Government Minister David Templeman said he urges people from de-represented sections of the community to vote, including women, Aboriginal people, young people and those from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

“By getting involved in the elections, people are taking an active role in influencing the decisions that are made where they live and deciding who will represent them in their communities,” he said.

“Competition breeds excellence, and a greater number of candidates will contribute to a higher standard of community representation, and the effective governance that communities deserve.

“It is essential that everyone – regardless of age, gender or cultural background – has their say, and I encourage all local communities to get informed, and involved.”

Mr Templeman said strong councilors are the foundation of an effective local government, so he asks the community to take their time to assess each candidate and vote for who will best represent them.

You can ensure you’re enrolled to vote by checking your status online with the Western Australian Electoral Commission by 5pm on 1 September.

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