WA Tourism Industry Hits New Record

Our state has hit a new record, with 109,000 Western Australians now employed in the tourism industry.

The 2015-16 State Tourism Satellite Account revealed 72,000 Western Australians are directly employed by the tourism industry, with another 37,000 people employed indirectly.

The State Government has pledged a further $425 million to destination marketing and events over the next five years, to recognise tourism’s role in WA’s economy.

Tourism now generates more jobs than traditional industries including agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacturing and mining.

“Tourism is a key economic driver for WA and plays a vital role in the State Government’s plan to diversify the State’s economy and create new jobs,” said WA Tourism Minister Paul Papalia.

“It’s an area where the State Government can invest taxpayers’ dollars and get a positive economic return in business opportunities and jobs.

“The tourism sector already supports 109,000 jobs and we are committed to increasing that number.”

Those directly employed in the tourism industry work in businesses supplying goods and services to travellers, such as hotels, restaurants and tour companies.

Indirect jobs are in areas such as caravan manufacturers and laundries which service hotels.

In 2016, 30.7 million visitors spent $10 billion in WA, including $4.7 billion in regional areas.

For every 179 overnight visitors to our state, one job in the tourism industry is created.

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