WA Police Call For Safe Celebrations During Leavers Week

WA Police has encouraged WA school leavers to celebrate the end of school safely with the official Leavers period beginning in November.

The State Government will continue its Leavers Strategy during the period between November 19 to November 22, supporting secondary school leavers to have a safe and enjoyable time with well organised activities and entertainment.

“This is a time to relax, celebrate with your friends and take a breather from the many years of hard work through your schooling,” Police Minister Michelle Roberts said.

Designated Leavers Entertainment Zones will be set up in Dunsborough and Rottnest, while transport, activities and support services will also be provided.

Additional police officers to Rottnest and the South West before, during and after the leavers period.

Police reinforce that it is illegal for people under 18 to buy, drink or be in possession of alcohol in a public place as well as purchase for someone under 18.

It is also illegal for them to be in possession of illicit drugs including cannabis, amphetamine and ecstasy.

Around 8000 young people are expected to visit Rottnest, Busselton and Dunsborough during the official leavers period.

WA Police said the Leavers WA 2018 app was the best way to get information about the Leavers Week events in Rottnest and South West.

Mrs Roberts said it was important that young school leavers celebrate safely with their friends, but support teams were available for assistance if needed.

“I want to encourage all school leavers to look after themselves, their friends and be respectful of one another,” she said.

“There are people who are there to help, whether they are police, the Red Frogs or the teams of other volunteers who are working hard to ensure you have a good time in a safe and positive environment.”

More information can be found at the Official Leavers WA website www.leaverswa.com.au and on the Leavers WA Facebook page.

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