WA Liberal Nationals Decision Labelled “Fiscal Vandalism”

The WA Liberal and Nationals parties voted to scrap their own savings measures yesterday, in a move WA Labor is labelling “fiscal vandalism.”

Last year, the Liberal National Government decided to discontinue the motor vehicle licensing concessions granted to local government authorities.

Local government authorities would also no longer be exempt from paying stamp duty on motor vehicle purchases.

These measures were expected to save almost $10 million a year, however opposition members voted to reinstate these concessions for local governments.

“Mike Nahan is clearly not content with his vandalism of the State’s finances while Treasurer and has directed his party to continue their attack on WA taxpayers from Opposition,” Mr Wyatt said.

“To defy their own savings measures, destroys any remaining credibility of fiscal responsibility that the Liberal and National parties may have had.”

“It is hard to fathom that the Opposition will no doubt celebrate blowing another $10 million black hole in the budget. I can assure you that the budget will not wear this act of fiscal irresponsibility.”

“The McGowan Government is determined to fix the budget disaster left to us by the previous government.”

The reversal of this decision would cost the state $5.6 million in motor vehicle licensing exemptions to local government authorities, plus $4.2 million a year in stamp duty exemptions.

A further $500,000 would be spent on administration to reverse the changes.

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