WA To Join Nationwide Illegal Firearm Recall

By Taylah Hanna

The State Government is encouraging West Australians to take part in the Nationwide Firearms Amnesty, where they can surrender their guns without fear of being prosecuted.

Commencing on July 1st this year, people will be able to hand in their illegal or unlicensed guns to WA Police Stations where they will be confiscated and crushed.

WA Police will allow those handing in the firearms to apply to have them registered, where suitable.

Minister for Police, Michelle Roberts, believes this will prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands.

“This is about getting as many illegal firearms out of the community as we can,”

“We’re hopeful that there will be a significant amount of guns handed back as part of this buy back,” She said.

There are 250,000 illegal firearms in the country according to Ms Roberts and she hopes that only a small proportion of these guns would be in WA.

The amnesty will only be running for three months until September 30th.

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