WA Bans Plastic Bags By 2018

Plastic bag will no longer be allowed to be distributed in Western Australia by next year, after a landmark decision by the McGowan Government.

From 1st, July next year, single use plastic bags will be banned. But large retailers such as IGA, Woolworths, AIDI, Coles and Bunnings already implemented the change by not distributing plastic bags.

The move brings WA in line with other states and territories such as South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and the ACT with bans already in place.

Although plastic bag only occupies a small percentage of waste in WA, the harmfulness it brings to marine life and birds are huge.

WA Premier Mark McGowan and Environment Minister Stephen Dawson made the announcement together this morning.

Both said that this ban marks a major step to address plastic pollution in WA.

“The community and the retail industry have already been working to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bags for more than a decade,” Mr McGowan said.

“The number of plastic bags used every year continues to grow and therefore it’s time for the State Government to act, in the absence of a national approach.”

“There are alternatives to single-use plastics and we need to move beyond single-use items and promote sustainable futures for our children.”

Back in 2013, City Of Fremantle moved to ban plastic bags, but it was later struck down by the State Parliament.



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