WA Audit for buildings with cladding

A state wide audit, by the WA Building Commission, will investigate 500 buildings constructed with cladding and conduct a risk assessment test of the buildings to see if they have a high risk of fire spread.

It is anticipated that the final number of buildings that need further revision will be small compared to the original list of 500, however this will take some time as they will be assessed case by case.

The audit will identify and assess buildings three storeys or over with cladding, such as apartments, hotels and other short stay accommodation, and determine whether cladding associated with these buildings poses an unacceptable risk of fire spread. Appropriate intervention will be applied where an unacceptable risk is found to exist.

WA Building Commission Acting Executive Director, Ian Munns, explained that the audit will take time, however people should not be worried if their building is affected.

“It is an issue of concern, I guess people would have seen the various images on TV in relation to events that have happened overseas,”

“But there’s no need to be subject to undue concern at this stage, because the building commission is taking steps to review all these matters, and working closely with local governments.” he said.

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