Vodafone’s LTE for Qatar but not Australia.

Vodafone is currently sitting behind the eight ball when it comes to the roll out of their 4G LTE service in Australia, despite confirming to the wider asian business community that their LTE service in Qatar would be up and running in months.

This is despite networks such as Telstra and Optus already having 4G signal around major CBD’s in Australia.

Just like the rollout of 3G in Australia, it was widely expected that Vodafone, just like their competitors, would launch their service around the same time over central business districts as standard.

The telco has endured a horror run in the last two years, stemming from a service blowout where it is estimated over 100,000 customers left the network for greener pastures.

Vodafone are hoping to stem the flow of their already over-burdened network by introducing what they call ‘Vodafone 3G+’ a simple upgrade of the towers they already have in place.

However with LTE now expanding, it’s not good enough, and Vodafone may find itself struggling to keep customers in the speed race.

The telco is also struggling to give a release date other than ‘2013’ with the same page in which this date is quoted, also stating:

“There is no official date for when 4G will become available on the Vodafone network”

Vodafone 3G+ is currently being rolled out in suburbs right now around the country.

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