Updated bin system encouraging organic recycling

The City of Melville is testing out a new three bin system in an effort to reduce the amount of rubbish being sent to landfills.

Starting last month, seven thousands homes have implemented the Fulgro system, incorporating new 240L bin, sporting a bright green lid, which can be used for a range of organic waste such as food scraps and garden waste, and will be collected weekly.

In conjunction with the new bin, home owners have also been given a kitchen caddy and a year’s supply of compostable garbage bags for easy disposal of food waste.

“Everyone i’ve spoken to loves this new system, they can see that it allows them an opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint and they can see that the benefit is there,” said Melville Mayor, Russell Aubrey.

The yellow recycling bin can still be used to dispose of cans, plastics, and cardboards and will remain as a fortnightly collection.a

Non-recyclable waste products will be disposed of in the red-lidded bin, which will reduce in size to 140L and only be collected every alternate fortnight.

“We need people to comply with the requirements and put their normal recyclables into the yellow top bin, green top bin for garden organics and food organics which then can be turned into high quality compost and sold, and all other waste into the red top bin which goes straight to landfill,”

Mr Aubrey explained the process of putting anything into landfill is not only expensive on the environment, but also expensive to the city, costing over $200/tonne.

Reducing volume of waste that’s going into landfill will reduce costs, and ensuring the quality of the waste being used for composting will be a win win environmentally and financially.

The trial is $350,000 investment alongside the State Government and Fremantle and East Fremantle Councils, and will be running for 9 months.

More local councils in the metropolitan area will be rolling out the new system after the Melville trial, inclusive of Stirling, Bayswater, Cambridge, Nedlands, Cottesloe, Cockburn and Rockingham.

Picture Courtesy: City Of Melville

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