Two Men Dead in Forrest Beach Gyrocopter Crash

Two men have died following a gyrocopter crash at Forrest Beach between Capel and Busselton.

The two men, a father aged 51-years-old and his 18-year-old son were killed when the aircraft plummeted over the coastline.

WA Police were called in relation to the crash at about 2:20pm on Wednesday afternoon.

South West District Inspector Steve George said the call came from a witness who saw the gyrocopter fall about 200 metres from the sky.

“We had a witness say they observed the gyroplane, it was about 200m up in the air and it crashed into the water,” Inspector George said.

It landed in knee-deep water about 10 metres from the shore in a remote section of Forrest Beach.

Inspector George confirmed the plane was privately owned.

Several police vehicles and other emergency responders were deployed to the scene.

Police will continue investigations into the crash today.

“What police will do now is we will recover the plane from the water and we will prepare a report for the coroner and the federal air transport authorities,” Inspector George said.

“We’ll probably get police divers to come out and have a look, to search the ocean looking for different parts.”



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