Trump threatens to declare national emergency to fund wall at Mexican border tour

By Helene Fung

United States President Donald Trump has threatened to use emergency powers to bypass Congress, and access billions of dollars to pay for a wall on the Mexico border.

Meanwhile a partial US government shutdown over the issue has stretched into its 20th day.

Mr Trump toured the Texan border with Mexico to try to bolster his case for the wall, a day after he stormed out of a meeting with Democratic leaders aimed at negotiating an end to the funding standoff.

The media briefing was complete with border patrol agents who are not receiving pay cheques during the shutdown, family members of people killed by illegal immigrants, and a display of plastic-wrapped bricks of heroin, seized guns and a plastic bag full of cash.

“If we don’t have a barrier, a very substantial barrier of some kind, you’re not going to be able to solve this problem,” said Mr Trump.

Mr Trump has insisted that a government funding bill to end the shutdown include $US5.7 billion for a border wall.


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