Top Cop Calls For More Cyclist Acknowledgement Following Road Legislation

WA’s Police Commissioner claims motorists need to acknowledge cyclists on the road following new legislation requiring motorists to keep one metre away from cyclists on the state’s roads.

Chris Dawson said cyclists have a right to be on the road and driver habits had resulted in road tragedies involving bike riders.

“At times, cars just travel far too close and sadly there’s been actual tragedy events,” Mr Dawson said.

“This is really about demonstrating respect for other road users and at times, people driving cars and trucks simply go too close to cyclists.”

He said cyclists rights were not being recognised on the road.

“By far what I’ve seen have been motorists who just simply don’t acknowledge a cyclist on the road as having a right on the road,” Mr Dawson said.

“This law as its proposed is a really good even measure to make sure everyone keeps safe.”

The State Government announced on Saturday that motorists would have to keep a distance of at least one metre from cyclists if they are driving less than 60 kilometres per hour and 1.5 metres if they are going faster under new legislation.

However, Mr Dawson said cyclists need to follow road rules as well despite the legislation.

“I’ve ridden on pelotons too where a number of years ago, those groups of cyclists need to actually conform to road rules as well,” Mr Dawson said.

“Cyclists have an absolute right to be on the road, they’ve also got to obey the rules as well.”

“It can be frustrating for motorists.”

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