Tony Abbott Issues ‘Call to Arms’ for Conservative Liberals

Tensions in the Liberal party continue to flare, with former Prime Minister delivering a ‘call to arms’ for conservatives to take back control of the New South Wales state branch.

The speech took place at a NSW Liberal party member forum, and was met with applause.

“For too long the party hierarchy has expected the rank and file to turn up, pay up and to shut up,” he said.

“Let’s take our party back and then we can win the next election.”

The speech comes after a tumultuous week for the party, starting with a leaked speech from Christopher Pyne, the defence industry minister.

In a speech to the “Black Hand”, a group of moderate Liberals, Mr Pyne boasted about the rising power and influence of the moderate faction within government.

This sparked a week of factional infighting for the political party, with conservatives outraged at Mr Pyne’s comments’

Mr Abbott also released his own election manifesto, and called on the government to re-explore the idea of nuclear submarines, an option he decided against while in office.

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has hit back at the infighting in a column for the Courier-Mail, saying “this is a time for builders, not wreckers”.

“This is a time for leaders who get things done and don’t just talk. For negotiators and deal-mkers who trade in results, not in platitudes” he continued.

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