Three big meth seizures over 24 hours

More than 50kgs of methamphetamine has been seized this week during three separate operations in the space of 24 hours.

A collaboration involving the WA Police Force, Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and AUSTRAC aims to target suburban, interstate, international drug distribution networks.

Police Commissioner, Chris Dawson, said the law enforcement will do their bit, but education and awareness in the community must continue.

“We We must continue to drive the demand down – so long as there is a demand from the community, supply will continue to try and traffic drugs”
Law enforcement will do our bit, we must continue to educate the community

Officers seized 31kgs of methamphetamine and arrested three people in Port Dampier on Monday. The potential street value of this seizure is estimated in excess of $25 million and the extra capacity to cause incalculable misery in our suburbs.

The alleged drug trafficking syndicate that began in mid-2017 involves three bulgarian nationals – a 42 year old woman, 47 year old man and a 39 year old man.

All three have appeared in court charged with importation of a commercial quantitiy of a border controlled drug.

A 32 year old Sydney man was arrested at Perth Domestic Airport, after officers discovered 20kgs of methamphetmine in the man’s possession.

It is alleged the man flew from Sydney to Perth under a fake name, with the drugs concealed in his luggage, which was scanned by the WA Police Force Meth Truck.

The man appear in court and was charged with possessing meth with the intent to sell.

Police Minister, Michelle Roberts, explained that WA is the only Police Force to have invested in the Meth Truck and is delighted about the results it’s producing.

Similar to how luggage is scanned at airports, the meth truck can scan any object and detect the presence of methamphetamine.

The Organised Crime Squad officers targeted an Armadale residence for the distribution of illicit drugs in our suburbs, and executed and search warrant on the property.

Officers seized 526grabs of methampethamine, two hand guns and more than $50,000 cash.

A 41 year old man and 24 year old woman have been charged with serious drug and firearms offences.

All have appeared in court and are due to reappear at later dates.

Ms Roberts expressed her gratitude for the combined collaborative efforts of all police forces.

“We understand the scourge that meth is in our community, we understand that it destroys people’s lives, that it destroys families,”

“And that it’s a driver of crime, it drives burglaries, it drives crime, assaults including domestic assaults… that’s why it’s so important to deal with the meth scourge,” she said.

Rod O’Donnell, Australian Border Force Regional Commander for WA, warns criminals against avoiding detection over our vast coast line.

“Wherever you are attempting to import these goods or move your drugs – ABF, WA Police, AFP, ASIC, we’ll all be working together to stop you and we are waiting…” he said.

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