Theresa May to Request Extension From EU, Work With Labour Over Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May will ask the European Union for an extension to the Brexit deadline to break the deadlock in the UK’s parliament over the country’s divorce.

Mrs May is expected to meet with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, in hope of coming up with a plan on the future relationship with the EU.

Mr Corbyn said he was “very happy” to meet Mrs May and stated that there were plans for a customs union and protection of workers’ rights.

However, Mrs May insisted her withdrawal agreement would stay as part of the deal.
She hoped she could come up with a modified version of her withdrawal deal with the EU to get the support of MPs.

Mrs May revealed her plans after more than seven hours of talks with her cabinet on Tuesday local time.

Her decision has angered entrenched Brexit supporters.

Boris Johnson accused ministers of”entrusting the final handling of Brexit to Labour.”

He said Brexit was “becoming soft to the point of disintegration”.

The UK has until 12 April to propose a plan to the EU which must be accepted or leave without a deal.

Mrs May had agreed to a deal with EU in November 2018, however it was voted down twice in Parliament by huge margins.

A separate deal on the withdrawal section lost by 58 votes on Friday.

MPs have also held indicative votes to try and find a consensus, but none of proposals won a majority.

The UK was supposed to leave the EU on 29 March, but Mrs May agreed to a short extension after realising Parliament would not agree to a deal by the deadline.

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