TedX Challenges Perception and Reality in Freo Presentations

People will get the opportunity to challenge their reality, following the introduction of a new TedX presentation in Fremantle.

The event “Perception vs Reality” that will be held at Notre Dame University Fremantle on Sunday, will feature a range of speakers giving listeners the chance to engage in different perspectives across a areas including science, research, lifestyle and art.

“It’s the first thing that’s ever been held,” co-organiser Robert Lang said.

“It opens a channel for all sorts of creative people and people who have any unique stories they want to tell, to actually have a media, a channel to get that out into the world.”

Speakers including Aboriginal elder Doctor Noel Nannup and Power Ledger energy researcher Doctor James Eggleston will be headlining the event along with six other speakers who will be giving talks.

“It’s been very insane, we had a huge response, we’ve had 69 applicants which we’ve had to whittle down.”

“We’ve got some fantastic speakers that will put forward their ideas in the talks.”

Mr Lang said the theme came from the organiser’s interest in how the world was perceived and “what we perceive as being reality.”

He said the while it was not the first time TedX had come to WA, it was a new opportunity following TedX Perth.

“Fremantle is just such a unique destination, it’s just fantastic to have this opportunity to expose Fremantle to the rest of the world,” he said.

“We just want to let the world know about it.”

With tickets selling out in 20 minutes, Mr Lang said he hoped the event was just the start for future presentations for TedX Fremantle.

“The whole social media campaign and the buzz was just phenomenal,” he said.

“This year has been very much about getting infrastructure in place, which was a difficult project in itself but now that we’ve got the infrastructure in place, from now on in, it should be quite an easy thing to do.”

“We hope that this will be just the first TedX Fremantle.”

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