Strong Rally Turnout Calling A Permanent Ban On Fracking In WA

By Stephanie Acevedo

A call for a permanent, legislated statewide ban on fracking in WA was held at Parliament house today.

At twelve o’clock, the protest saw a rally and presentation of one of the state’s biggest petitions. 

Among the crowd were climate experts, such as former head of CSIRO’s atmospheric research team and former premier, which urged the WA government to permanently ban fracking in the state.

WA Greens Upper House MP Robert Chapel says actions needs to be taken to ensure hope for future generations.

“Unfortunately It takes about 100 years for the impact to take place already so what were experiencing now was actually developed a hundred years ago,” He said.

“So what were doing now will affect the future for one hundred years by then if we don’t deal with the matter our future generations are going to have no hope.”

Activists are calling for the State Government to commit a new legislation banning fracking statewide.

They also urged the McGowan Government to release fracking inquiry report immidiately.

“The main theme of the day was to tell the government that the fracking industry does not have a social license to operate in Western Australia, so we’re calling for a permanent legislative state wide ban on fracking,”  Lock the Gate Alliance’s Jane Hammond said.

“We are calling on the state government today to release the findings of the fracking enquiry report, they’ve had it for a month and they’re sitting on it we don’t know why.” 

Albert Wiggan, came from Dampier Peninsula North of Broome fears that the fracking will hurt WA future water supply.

“I think it’s important to everybody not just my community, I think everybody shares a common goal and that is our children’s future. We all share that, that doesn’t separate us regardless of our background,” he said.

“And in this regards to our future, we are posing the biggest risk by allowing fracking or to at least consider fracking which will obviously have such a dramatic impact on their future water supply.”

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