State Operations Command Centre ready for Monday opening

The State Operations Command Centre is set to officially open on Monday July 2nd, coinciding with the commencement of the new Fremantle and Mandurah police districts.

Based at the Maylands Incident Control Centre, the newly renovated centre has state of the art equipment allowing links in through CCTV, and will have particular focus on the police response to serious and critical incidents.

Building works and staff transfers have been completed over recent weeks, ensuring the State Operations Command Centre was established before the expansion of the metropolitan policing districts.

The restructure of the WA police, under Police Commissioner Chris Dawson’s watch, will see the number of police districts in the metropolitan area doubled; enabling more localised, more manageable police districts.

Mandurah and Fremantle will be the first districts to open this Monday, with Perth, Midland, Mirrabooka, Joondalup, Armadale and Cannington opening two weeks later on July 16th.

The 8 metropolitan police districts, and 7 regional districts will receive situational commands and intelligence from the State Operations Command Centre.

Acting as a “nerve centre”, Police Minister, Michelle Roberts, thinks it’s a great innovation and will be of great service in keeping the community safe.

1:44” We can’t keep every bad incident from happening but if they do, I think this provides the reassurance that WA police are very well equipped to handle the situation,” she said.

Commissioner Dawson said the amalgamation of four district command centres and the state control centre lead to the State Operating Command Centre.

Home to 150 police, the centre will be used for enhanced tactical situational awareness, allowing police commanders to have real time intelligence.

“Its critical our districts are able to have immediate situational awareness, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right through the year,” he said.

The Police Commissioner said the centre will provide better police response, a more integrated intelligence network system and allow greater capacity for police to command across all the districts.

”Integrating this all in one place and amalgamating dispersed areas does provide us with a much greater integration of command and control, so yes i’m confident that the community will be better served, we’ll have safer outcomes for our community through state operations command centre.

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