State Government Renews Pastoral Lands Reform

WA’s pastoral lands reform will receive a renewed focus in a bid to boost new economic opportunities and income streams across the State’s rangelands.

The renewed focus on the reform will aim to drive economic diversification and jobs in the region.

Engagement in the rangelands will build on consultation undertaken by the Pastoral Lands Board with pastoral lease holders, aimed at increasing economic diversification, streamlining approval processes and boosting security of tenure.

Key areas to be explored will include carbon farming, irrigated agriculture and tourism.

Regional Development, Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan will work with Lands Minister Rita Saffioti across the reform, informing Mrs Saffoti of critical decision points as the reform progresses.

Both ministers will present a joint submission to State Cabinet once the consultation process is complete.

Mrs MacTiernan said the region had immense economic and job possibilities.

“The rangelands are capable of sustaining far more economic activity and job-creating potential if we get this right,” she said.

“We need to build the ecological sustainability of pastoral lands through diversification and attention to regeneration of soil and vegetation.”

“We will work closely with industry in developing a model that will deliver real opportunities on pastoral lands to create new jobs and economic development across the State.”

Lands Minister Rita Saffioti said she would work closely with Mrs MacTiernan to ensure a collaborative approach to the reform.

“Working together will enable better co-ordinated and collaborative approaches to cross portfolio issues, including regulatory improvement to facilitate more streamlined interagency approval processes for diversification of the rangelands.”

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