South Korea preparing for more North Korean missile tests

South Korea is preparing for North Korea to conduct more missile tests, with the north celebrating its foundation day this weekend.

North Korea held a missile test last year on its September 9th anniversary, and South Korea has warned that it expects another missile test despite UN sanctions.

There are reports that solar storms may interfere with possible missile tests however, risking the loss of data or equipment if North Korea tries on this date.

North Korea has recently done a series of missile tests as part of escalating tensions in the region, including flying one over Japan, and a recent test of nuclear capabilities.

South Korea has detected the presence of xenon gas after an air, water and ground analysis, which may be evidence of nuclear activity.

The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) found traces of xenon-133, a radioactive isotope that is not naturally occurring and has previously been linked to North Korean nuclear tests.

South Korea has recently added more launchers for the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence System (THAAD), improving their anti-missile defence systems.

The rollout of THAAD systems in South Korea had been temporarily halted by president Moon Jae-In after protests, but in the wake of recent missile and nuclear testing by North Korea more have started to be brought in.

On Thursday Mexico gave the North Korean ambassador, Kim Hyong Gil, 72 hours to leave the country in response to the recent nuclear test.

The North Korean ambassador has responded, saying the issue “has nothing to do with Mexico”.

“That is why I express great displeasure at the bilateral diplomatic measures taken by the Mexican government that claims to have a sovereign foreign policy. That (claim) is without basis” he said.



South Korea preparing for more North Korean missile tests
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